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One- quarter of the 171 children in the study treated with chiropractic had a 50% reduction of wet nights1.

Bed-wetting is not a merely an issue that is associated with children who are young and have not yet trained in using the toilet. Sometimes it indicates a bigger issue such as stress or a disease that is causing the problem. If you observe the child wetting the bed after a prolonged period of dry nights, it is necessary that the child is shown to a doctor. Lack of bladder control can cause embarrassment, stress and interferes with the normal social development of the child.

The nerves specific to bladder function is called the Sacrum. In adults, the sacrum is a large fused bone that is very resistant to injury. However, for a child, the sacrum is separated into five individual segments. Any misalignment in one of the segments due to a fall or any trauma can compromise the nerves that are responsible for bladder function. While chiropractic is not typically a treatment for bedwetting, children can be helped by being adjusted. Chiropractic care can aid to remove any irritation that may affect the nerves that control bladder function.

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