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Success Stories

From the heart ... Chiropractic Patient Testimonials

"I came to Dr. Walmsley via a referral from a co-worker.  I had the worst pain in my upper back between my shoulder blades.  I sit at a computer all day which she explained to me contributed to my symptoms.  After only a couple of visits to the office, I could sit all day at work without the unbearable pain.  She also helped me change my ergonomics at my desk to help reduce the strain on my back.  I feel great!"

- Jim Z., Reston

"I was 6 months pregnant when I came to see Dr. Walmsley.  I had an unbearable pain in my low back.  My OB said it was "normal" during pregnancy!!!  I couldn't even roll out of bed.  Dr. Walmsley explained it was not "normal" and it  was coming from my SI joint.  With a couple of gentle adjustments, I was up and moving with no problem.  Boy did I love educating my OB about the benefits of Chiropractic care!"

- Laura, McLean

"I suffered from headaches since I was a teenager.  So many medications I can't even remember.  Finally, I decided to try something different.  My neighbor sees Dr. Walmsley and said I should give it a try.  1 year later, my headaches are still gone!  She took the time to explain how my neck bones put pressure on nerve endings causing my headaches.  She specializes in a pressure point technique that addresses the muscle problems as well.  At first, she could barely touch my neck it was so tender.  Now, that is all gone and I feel great!!!  I threw away all my medications...chiropractic works!!!"

- Linda, Great Falls

Dr. Walmsley is a miracle worker! After weeks of suffering and bad to no advice from medical doctors, I have fully recovered from my neck pain.  She educated me on lifestyle changes and to the benefits of maintenance care.  I don't want to go through those symptoms EVER again. I come in for a "tune-up " just to keep moving.  Don't delay!  

- Julie, Reston