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Dr. Walmsley is a licensed chiropractor with over twenty-two years of Chiropractic experience. From expectant mothers, pediatrics, adults, and seniors, whoever you are, be rest assured that you’re in great hands with Dr. Walmsley.

Dr. Walmsley engages a whole body' approach to wellness, which means she focuses on treating the underlying causes of pain and illness, rather than just treating the surface symptoms. Traditional medical care relies on prescription painkillers to cover up back pain, neck pain and headache. While medication can provide temporary relief, it cannot correct the underlying musculoskeletal alignment problem. Dr. Walmsley can rectify this with gentle adjustments that restore alignment to the spine, relieve pain and reduce the risk of future injury. All without the use of medication or invasive surgery.

Dr. Walmsley is experienced in diversified manual adjustments and deep tissue release; the combination of the two provides relief to both spinal and muscle related pain. Depending on your treatment course, the therapy could include optional activator technique, physical therapy, and cold laser therapy. In addition to chiropractic treatment, Dr. Walmsley advises on nutritional needs, exercises & stretches and work ergonomics to create a sustainable treatment plan that will get you on your way to wellness faster and prevent future injury. 

Dr. Walmsley is an expert in Auto Accident Pain Relief & Coverage, Pregnant Woman Care, Children Scoliosis, Back Pain Relief, Neck Pain Relief, Headache Relief, and Nerve Pain Relief.  

Dr. Walmsley's Herndon Chiropractic practice is conveniently located just one mile from Reston Town Center!  Call us today at 703-742-5470 to schedule a chiropractic appointment or use the "Request Appointment" feature to schedule your appointment with convenience and ease!